Application -fee for participation in the nationwide exams of GEL or EPAL of 2022

Application -fee for participation in the nationwide exams of GEL or EPAL of 2022

As provided by the legislation, all candidates wishing to participate in the Pan-Hellenic Examinations of 2022 of General High Schools (GEL) and Vocational High Schools (EPAL), for admission to higher education, must submit to their Lyceum Application for participation These exams.

The deadline for this year is set from Wednesday 1-12-2021 to Monday 13-12-2021 for all candidates wishing to participate in the Pan-Hellenic High Schools (GEL) and Vocational High Schools (EPAL). It should be noted that the above deadline is exclusive and after its expiration is not accepted.

The candidate (student or graduate) may obtain the application - a statement corresponding to his or her case either by the internet or from his or her high school. It will then complete the application - statement in accordance with the instructions listed in the form and will come to its high school for its definitive electronic submission. On the official website of the Ministry of Education, in the Links Association, the application-to-fee and the relevant circulars who fully describe the procedure and detailed supporting documents for each category of candidate (GEL or EPAL, student, student are posted on a case-by-case basis. or graduate). Also, the relevant circulars are already sent to high school with the corresponding models of the application-notice.

For candidates with disabilities and special educational needs or specific learning difficulties examined orally or in writing, a newer circular of our service on the supporting documents will be submitted.

In the same deadline of 1-12-2021 as well as 13-12-2021 candidates who may be interested in the 3 Music Departments with the special entry process (the Department of Music Studies of the Ionian University, the Department of Music Science and Art of the University of Macedonia, and the University of Macedonia. The Department of Music Studies of the University of Ioannina), in addition to the application-statement on the Pan-Hellenic Exams, also submit a relevant application-responsible statement for the 3 Music Departments.


1. Candidates interested in military schools, police schools, Fire Academy Schools, Coast Guard Schools and Merchant Navy Schools must also apply directly to the Army, Police, Fire Brigade or in the Merchant Navy within a time set out in the notices issued by the relevant ministries and be judged capable of preliminary examinations, scheduled for March-April 2022. The above notices will be available from the recruitment agencies , the Fire Brigade and the Port Authority respectively at a time determined by the relevant ministries.

2. Those who are interested in TEFAA and will participate in the Pan -Hellenic Examinations this year must compulsorily declare their desire for TEFAA, in order to participate in practical tests (health examination and racing).

3. Candidates for 10% of the posts (without new examination) can only be those who were examined nationwide in 2020 or 2021 (with daily GEL or daily EPAL). Those who wish to be nominated for 10% of the posts will not submit the application application now, but a direct computer bulletin.

Candidates for 10% with the last exam in 2020 will claim their introduction without the condition of the EBE and claim positions in rates according to the number of computer bulletins to be submitted per system (old or new), with the same terms and terms and terms and conditions. Conditions in force during their year of participation in the nationwide exams.

Candidates for 10% with the last exam in 2021 will claim their introduction on the condition of the EBE, as formed in the Pan -Hellenic Examinations of 2021.

4. Those of the candidates fall under the special category of candidates for serious illnesses (for admission to 5% of the posts without examinations) must address any of the 14 competent seven-member hospital committees by 17 December, to obtain a certificate of their condition. These candidates, if they do not wish to take part in the Pan-Hellenic exams, do not now submit the application-report, but will submit a computer on dates to be announced later.

5. Since this year's submission of the applicants will be made amid extraordinary health conditions, we remind you that those who graduates or their authorized representatives come to the Lyceum to submit an application for participation in the Pan-Hellenic Examinations 2022 to the school unit after compulsory demonstration upon entering: [A] Vaccination Certificate, or [B] Certificate of Disease, or [C] Task Force COVID-19 KORONIVIES (PCR 72 hours or Rapid Test before 48 hours).

6. For the circular of the application application for GEL nationwide, click HERE.

For the circular of the application application for the nationwide of the EPAL, click HERE.


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