logo 300x231The High Education Tutorial "Orion" was created in 2017 based in Agria in the Prefecture of Magnesia. The starting point of the whole project was the attempt to create a learning space,

Both with experienced and trained teaching staff and with the use of modern audiovisual teaching, which will take care of the success of students at multiple levels.

Thus, our tutorial philosophy is not only the preparation of students for practical examinations, which we take care of daily, but also the psychology that our students need to develop in order to cope with the challenge of the tests calm, informed. And determined. Equally important we consider information on the field of higher education, the prospects that open both in the years of basic studies and afterwards.

Let us not forget that education is a process that never stops and constantly opens new fields and new challenges for those who want to improve both on a personal and professional level.

Our Secretariat is always at your disposal for the fullest information in our curricula.




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